Time Sheets

Time Sheets

With our NEW Time Management System (TMS), time sheets need to be approved each Tuesday by 2 pm.  A payroll schedule can be downloaded for easy access to your pay schedule and time sheet due dates.

2015 Payroll Schedule

To keep your time sheet submittal on schedule, go ahead and send in the unapproved time sheet by the deadline. Then, follow up with the signed version as soon as possible. MATRIX tracks unsigned time sheets internally.

Since we process all time sheets at the same time, all late time sheets will be processed two weeks later during the next payroll cycle. Please note, both your MATRIX Associate and the MATRIX Accounting staff make every effort to follow up on missing time sheets, but you are ultimately responsible for your time sheet.


Downloadable versions of the MATRIX time sheet and MATRIX expense reporting form are included below for your convenience.

Download the MATRIX Expense Report (xls)

Submitting Your Expenses

Send them to the Accounting department in your "home" MATRIX office location:

Accenture 770.698.6830
Bank of America / at&t 770.698.6830
Birmingham 866.845.6996
Charlotte 866.280.8001
Dallas   972.239.2874
Professional Services 877.857.7992











NOTE: If you are working for a client with a specialized time-keeping and/or expense system, please use the time sheet or expense reporting format supplied to you by that client. Contact your MATRIX Account Executive or Account Coordinator if you have questions.